Zefiro is a full service drilling contractor. We have truck and track mounted drill rigs to perform the following drilling services:

  • CIDH Pile Installation (H-Pile/Re-Steel)
  • Drilled Shafts
  • Dewatering Wells
  • Predrilling for Pile Installation Services
  • Casing Installation & Removal
  • Manhole / Utility Access Shafts
  • Limited Clearance Capabilities
  • Low Headroom Capabilities
  • Time and Material Services

Rapid Response

Our truck mounted drilling fleet provides us the capability to respond immediately. Our truck fleet can perform 1FT to 10FT diameter drilling with depths down to 90FT.


We have a complete fleet of tooling to perform all types of drilling services including:
  • Sand / Dirt / Rock Augers
  • Continous Flight Augers
  • Short & Long Overall Lengths
  • Core Barrels
  • Coregated Metal Pipe
  • Standard Steel Pipe and Interlocking/Sectional Casing